Anguilla International Airport Privatization

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78 $US Million Phase I Development Costs
10400 Feet Proposed Runway Length
750 Thousand Annual Passenger Movements
650 Jobs Created Socioeconomic Impact

About the Project

AXA Airport Privatization… The Keystone to Anguilla’s Economic Viability via Creation of The Airport to Match Anguilla’s Economic Potential

The National Priority… Economic Recovery Via Keystone Airport Privatization: The Privatization of Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (AXA) and its crucial runway extension is a national priority and The Keystone to a resurgence and revitalization of Anguilla’s economy. Privatization of AXA opens the floodgate of opportunity and therefore is the Keystone to Anguilla’s: 1) Permanent Economic Recovery; 2) Sustainable Economic Growth; and 3) Perpetual Economic Stability.

This Privatization & Annexation Proposal Is The Practical Solution For Anguilla’s Airport Privatization: Anguilla’s Lake Family & Arambys Corp have formed a consortium (The Consortium) in pursuit of private ownership and operation of the existing AXA aerodrome and its assets, with the intent to ANNEX the current airport property to the adjacent Lake Family Estate land (valued in excess of US$100 Million). This annexation is the only practical solution available for extension of the existing AXA runway and for the creation of an adjacent sea port facility for both passenger and cargo movements alike. Members of the consortium control the only land available for such a venture.

The 3-Fold Mission of The Consortium is To Establish & Realize AXA as: 1) The Eastern Caribbean Region’s Preeminent International Air & Sea Transportation Hub; 2) Anguilla’s Business Gateway & Economic Showpiece; and 3) The Island Community’s Preeminent Cultural Centre & Terminus.

Protection of Luxury Tourism Market, Ensured Viable Airport Operations & No Contingent Liability: The 3-Fold Mission of The Consortium, inspired by protecting, enhancing, and preserving the spirit of Anguilla’s vision as the Caribbean’s preeminent luxury tourism destination, will ensure viable airport operations into perpetuity and protect the Government of Anguilla, its people, and the British Government from any contingent liability.

This Privatization & Annexation Proposal Increases GDP & GoA Revenues, While Decreasing GoA Expenditures & The Number of Civil Servants (Via Transition To Private Sector): The comprehensive nature of The Consortium’s Multi-Phased AXA Privatization & Annexation Proposal indiscriminately increases GDP throughout Anguilla’s entire economy while significantly decreasing cost of goods delivered to the island. Likewise, The Consortium’s comprehensive approach will also organically stimulate significant increase of the Government of Anguilla’s (GoA) top three revenue streams (i.e., Import Duties, Accommodation Taxes, and the Interim Stabilization Levy (ISL), while decreasing by millions of dollars GoA expenditures via transition of many current civil servants to the employ of the to be formed private airport authority. Working closely with Government & requisite regulatory agencies both short & long term is key to maximizing the aerodrome efficiency of passenger and cargo throughput and the socio-economic benefits of the airport assets to the country.

Scope of Services Being Rendered

Featured Amenities of This Privatization & Annexation Proposal: Highlights of The Consortium’s Multi-Phased AXA Privatization & Annexation Proposal include:

♘ Extension of the existing runway to 10,400 feet;

♘ New airport terminal shopping promenade & community centre  for use of airport passengers, day visitors & locals alike…

♘ Current airport related GoA & AASPA employees transitioned to private sector employ;

♘ Creation of new sea port facilities for both passenger and cargo movements;

♘ Privately owned condo-hangar facilities for luxury jet owners;

♘ Hangar facilities for hubbing and overnighting of commercial airliners;

♘ World class FBO Maintenance facilities for both private & commercial jets;

♘ High speed ferry service with routes to St. Martin, St. Bart, Saba, St. Eustatius, and the soon to be developed outer-islands of Anguilla;

♘ U.S. Customs;

♘ Enhanced security & customs features including E-visa, E-gate, E-Government, M-Government & other “smart” management initiatives;

♘ Helicopter facilities; and

♘ Much more.

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