Morocco Ancient Hospital Resort Conversion

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1100 US$ Million Development Costs
57000 Job Creation Socio-Economic Impact
642 Acres Land Size
20000 Dwellers Removed From Slum Conditions

About the Project

The Rabat Initiative… Over 4,000 underprivileged families (roughly 20,000 individuals) will be relocated from roughly 260 hectares (642 acres) of inner city slums and dilapidated structures to a new, nearby community with full public utilities, schools, and a commercial district. This reclaimed area, within the Morocco government’s designated redevelopment zone, will experience a luxurious rebirth & restoration. Features include MENA’s largest convention village; luxurious residences; boutique & grande hotels; business centers & suites; navigable canals; a crystal lagoon; a downtown championship golf course; Morocco’s largest mall; institutions of higher learning; a theatre district; and the restoration and conversion of a historical French hospital into Rabat’s most storied resort.

MEAD Fund Strategic Management plan for the Rabat Initiative epitomizes the embodiment of the “new conception of development” called for by King Mohammed VI. The forward looking, singularly innovative, and comprehensive execution of MEAD Fund strategy & management objectives are what distinguishes our approach from all others. The hallmarks of MEAD Fund Strategic Management are 1) Mitigated fiscal and operational risks; 2)  Stimulation of sensibly sustainable investment; 3) Facilitated access to domestic and international humanitarian aid; 4) Coordinated receipt of traditional & unconventional equity & debt; 5) Promotion of timely & measurable throughput; 6) Realization of forecasted outputs; 7) Impaction of national and foreign policy; 8) Maximization of project net revenues; 9) Diminishment & inoculation of society against poverty; 10) Uniting of related visionaries to the cause; and 11) Creation & preservation of destinational national treasures.

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