Morocco Championship Winter Resort Facilities & University

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2300 US$ Million Development Costs
34000 Job Creation Socio-Economic Impact
1500 US$ Million GDP Impact
2 Million Annual Tourism Visits

About the Project

This project is identified as The Oukaïmeden Initiative… In response to the inestimable growth potential in this and other travel market sectors, Team Oukaïmeden has developed a singularly unique, very comprehensive, long term, sporting and entertainment vision plan for the transformation of the Oukaïmeden region into a global, destinational, Winter and Summer wonderland… while exponentially stimulating travel to Morocco’s fabled Marrakech.

The Oukaïmeden Initiative is not about our development team. This initiative is not even about Marrakech or Oukaïmeden. This initiative is about the Kingdom of Morocco and its people. Accordingly, Team Oukaïmeden is seeking the exclusive promotional and development rights for: 1) Oukaïmeden Valley and its surrounding region; 2) A strategically located suburb of Marrakech, 3) An international university in Marrakech; 4) The new transportation corridors and symbiotic infrastructure projects that will link Marrakech and Oukaïmeden Valley; and 5) An eventual host city bid for a Marrakech Winter Olympics under the auspices of the Comité National Olympique Marocain (CNOM) and the Kingdom of Morocco.

These mandates are sought in pursuit of: 1) Establishing Oukaïmeden’s High Atlas region of the Kingdom of Morocco as a world-class destination for Winter and Summer sporting, entertainment, resort hotel, and residential activities; 2) Stimulating strategic suburban development of Marrakech; 3) Enhancing the region’s educational opportunities; 4) Seamlessly interconnecting the Marrakech and Oukaïmeden regions; and 5) Maximizing touristic exposure for the entire Kingdom of Morocco into perpetuity.

In the spirit of Morocco’s Plan Azur, The Oukaïmeden Initiative will contribute over 1.5 million visitors annually to Morocco, and increase annual country-wide revenues by over US$ 1.5 Billion. This initiative will directly create over 14,000 permanent jobs associated with the project and indirectly at least another 20,000 employment opportunities.

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