Dominican Republic Resort Village Development

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2200 US$ Million Development Costs
45000 Job Creation Socio-Economic Impact
4000 Acres Land Size
15000 Bedrooms Hospitality & Residential

About the Project

Puerto Baní, Dominican Republic, will be home the first Residential Stadium™, the World’s premier destination-resort community committed to the love of this nation’s past-time, baseball & beaches.

Former President Leonel Fernández declared, following the presentation of the project to him and his ministers at the Presidential Palace, “You have my full support, what can I do to help you?”

Tim Brosnan, Major League Baseball Executive Vice President of Business stated,  “… there are ongoing discussions with them [Puerto Baní] now on how we extend it. It’s always important for us to break new categories, and because of the heritage that the Dominican has to Major League Baseball, a project like this that’s built around a baseball stadium and a baseball community, that has kind of a holistic approach to its development, is very important to us.”  Puerto Baní was formerly the Official Ocean Front Community of the  MLB All-Star Game.

Designed by Populous™ (formerly HOK Sports Venue, designer/architect of, among other things, nearly every new MLB® stadium to the Dubai Autodrome and Business Park, initial discussions have confirmed that “if we build it” we have interest from a pro Dominican Republic baseball team to relocate to the stadium, as well as the opportunity to host additional events, such as regular season games for Major League Baseball, the World Baseball Classic, Caribbean World Series, music concerts and much more.

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